Translation - Explanation and Caution

The County of Lanark is offering text and website translation services provided by Google Translate™, a free service currently offering over 50 languages. Our goal is to assist English as a Second Language (ESL) users with a way to understand the programs, services, and information provided by Lanark County.

Please note that NOT all text may be translated correctly or be translated at all. You agree that when a translation is complete, you assume the risk of any inaccuracies, errors, and omissions therein. You agree that the County of Lanark shall NOT be held responsible or liable for any damages or losses that may result from your reliance upon or use of Google Translate™.

Qualities of a Caring Volunteer

  • Ability to recognize that each Resident has the need for human contact and relationships
  • Ability to recognize that most Residents have a capacity for growth even within limited areas
  • Ability to regard the Resident as an individual with potential
  • Ability to be supportive and empathetic
  • Ability to recognize and adapt to changes in the Resident's life situation
  • Ability to recognize, accept and support Residents who appear to be upset about their life situations 
  • Ability to respect and appreciate a Resident's differing concept of reality
  • Ability to accept the Resident's need for privacy or withdrawal
  • Ability to respect cultural, ethnic and personality differences
  • Ability to share problems related to a Resident with the professional staff
  • Ability to derive some satisfaction from helping the Resident